OMJ! Auctions Help, Tips and Instructions

1. You MUST be an OMJ-VIP or OMJ Retailer in order to become an auction seller. You will get UNLIMITED Auction listings for as little as $1 a month (billed $12 annually) with no additional OMJ! fees. UPGRADE NOW! Please note, if you are receiving payment via paypal, your typical paypal fees will still apply. 


2. When listing an OMJ! Auction, even though you will select a start date and time when doing so, you MUST publish the auction at the end of your listing process for it to begin. The auction will not go LIVE until the start time but it must be published before anyone can see it. NOTE: Auction items can only be edited before they are PUBLISHED. After they are PUBLISHED, you will only have the option to STOP (after it's start time begins) or DELETE the auction listing. 


3. Once an auction has ended, the SELLER will get notified of the winner via email and a site notification, however, the winning bidder WILL NOT get notified. This is so the two parties will have to opportunity to arrange payment and delivery of the item. The SELLER will need to go to the listing and then contact the winning bidder (see BID HISTORY tab in the auction listing) for payment and delivery arrangements.

Payment Option 1: The winning bidder can pay via paypal by going to the OMJ! Auction section and clicking on WINNING/WON at the top and then click the icon to the far right of the listing that they won. Once payment is completed via paypal, both parties will get receipt of the transaction from paypal in an email and it will also be noted in each individuals paypal account. Regular paypal fees will apply.

Payment Option 2: If local, the two parties can arange payment when they meet if a local meeting is to occur. This option avoids any and all additonal paypal fees.  For dispute resolutions, see the OMJ! Auctions FAQ section.


4. If someone uses the BUY NOW option on your auction and completes payment to you for the item through paypal, you will receive notification from paypal of the transaction. This will NOT stop or delete your auction item, so you will need to stop or delete your auction as soon as possible to avoid multiple purchases of your item. If you stop your auction, you can restart it if need be. If you delete your auction it is no longer recoverable.