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Miniature Horses
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Beautiful Miniature Horses For sale

I have 4 Miniature Horses for sale.

1 Miniature Mare not registered she is 8 years old for 250.00

1 Silver Colt 8 months old is really gentle 250.00

1 Buckskin Colt 8 months old his papers for registration have been sent into AMHA, his background is Buckaroo one of the highest awarded Miniature Horses of all times. This colts dad is Appaloosa as well. I am asking 450.00 for him.

1 Appaloosa Colt is 8 months old and I have also sent in the paperwork for registration. Both his mom and dad are Appaloosa and this colt is beautiful. I am asking 650.00 for him, he relly has the Appaloosa spots.