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9 month old Calico Free to a good indoor home! She’s been spayed and chipped and has had all her shots. She’s a very sweet cat who uses the litter box and is no trouble at all! Wish we could keep her but we have 5 pets in the house already.


Callie wandered up to our house in late September. All attempts to find her owners failed. We took her to our vet to be spayed, have a chip inserted and get all her shots. She’s also registered with Gaston County Animal Control.  Currently she spends the night in our shed with a heated pet bed, food, water and a litter box.  During the day, she plays in the backyard and naps in her bed.

We already have 2 geriatric cats and a third with terminal cancer living in our house in addition to our 2 dogs. Hubby says “No more”!


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by Candy Grooms
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Contact me to meet Callie and see if it seems to be a good fit.


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